• Starting price $USD 107,470

Tulum, Mexico

  • 12 boutique villas
  • 48 apartments
  • 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 Bedrooms

  • High quality furnishings included with each unit.

Situated along the pristine Caribbean coast in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, Tulum is a picturesque haven for travelers, offering white-sand, palm-fringed beaches that meet lush, pristine jungle habitats. Daily flights from around the world to the nearby Cancun International Airport attract an international audience that seeks the enviable, tropical climate of Tulum, with an average annual temperature of 79o F (26o C) and average annual sea temperature of 82o F (28o C). Nestled within the leafy jungle, Candela provides unmatched privacy and exclusivity while located just minutes from the turquoise waters of the famed Caribbean coastline.

Candela is situated just north of the Sian Ka’an biosphere, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which boasts one million acres of pure, untouched nature that stretches as far as the eye can see. The enchanting natural beauty continues just east of Candela with ancient ruins that overlook the sea and captivating lagoons and cenotes that reveal underground crystal-clear waters, long considered sacred by the Mayan people. Yet, the most popular nature-driven adventures include the warm Caribbean waters of Tulum, ideal for snorkeling or diving the world’s second-largest barrierreef.

Candela is a collection of 12 exquisitely designed boutique buildings that offer luxe studio residences minutes from the pristine Caribbean beaches of Tulum, Mexico. Envisioned to honor the natural environment, Candela residences are situated around a botanical, garden-style arboretum, immersing residents in a pristine jungle setting. Unlike any other residential offering in the region, Candela presents absolute privacy, intentional luxury and a community built upon holistic wellness, resulting in an effortless living experience meant for enjoying the celebrated lifestyle of Tulum.

Offering a warm and inviting arrival experience, each studio residence features airy, spacious interiors efficiently designed to foster an indoor-outdoor connection with interiors that transition seamlessly to the outdoors through expansive glass doors that open to private terraces on each floor. Private spas, sundecks and rooftop terraces offer 360° views while providing the ultimate setting for enjoying the quintessential, outdoor-focused lifestyle long celebrated in Tulum.

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Candela sits within a new area earmarked by the Mexican government for high-end, low-density development, ensuring privacy and views will be preserved for generations to come. Encompassing 2.5 acres of land with more than 70% being preserved, Candela sets a new standard for forward-thinking, environmentally sensitive, resource-efficient residential design in Tulum. From the initial concept of the master-plan to developing permaculture guidelines, Candela has gone to great lengths to protect its precious surroundings.

Prices and availabilities:

Luxury studio from $ 107,470

Studio Luxe 1$216,459614 Sq Ft57 m²
Studio Luxe 2$178,484506 Sq Ft47 m²
Studio Luxe 3$372,1581055 Sq Ft98 m²
Studio Luxe 4$178,484506 Sq Ft47 m²
Studio Luxe 5$121,521344 Sq Ft32 m²
Studio Luxe 6$178,484506 Sq Ft47 m²
Studio Luxe 7$107,470305 Sq Ft28.3 m²
Studio Luxe 8$229,067624 Sq Ft58 m²


2 bedrooms from $374,112

2 Bedrooms (First Floor Luxury Apartments)$374,1121,326 Sq Ft123 m²
2 Bedrooms (Second Floor Luxury Apartments w/Private Rooftop & Pool)$537,1341,905 Sq Ft177 m²
2 Bedrooms (Ground Floor Luxury Apartments w/Private Pool)$730,0772,589 Sq Ft241 m²


Villa with 4 to 6 bedrooms starting at $1,550,000

4 Bedrooms (Villa)$1,550,000  
 Interior Living:3,553 Sq Ft330 m²
 Exterior Living:2,034 Sq Ft189 m²
 Total Living Area:5,587 Sq Ft519 m²
5 Bedrooms (Villa)$1,650,000  
 Interior Living:3,553 Sq Ft330 m²
 Exterior Living:2,034 Sq Ft189 m²
 Total Living Area:5,587 Sq Ft519 m²
6 Bedrooms (Villa)$1,700,000  
 Interior Living:3,553 Sq Ft330 m²
 Exterior Living:2,034 Sq Ft189 m²
 Total Living Area:5,587 Sq Ft519 m²
Amenities and Features:

Candela is the result of the extraordinary, environmentally conscious vision of Architects Salvador Macias and Magui Peredo of Estudio Macias Peredo. An homage to Tulum’s ancient Mayan culture in both look and feel, boutique buildings present a compelling juxtaposition that merges past with present day. It’s this rare duality pyramidal-shaped structures resembling ancient archeological ruins blending in harmony with fresh, contemporary interiors that creates an authentic, modern living experience that honors the history of Tulum.

While the most compelling aspect of life at Candela is the pristine natural surroundings, it is the lifestyle in totality that truly makes the community unlike any other offering in Tulum. Rooted in a mission to improve quality of life for residents, even when not present in Tulum, Candela has designed amenities and services to support holistic health, focusing on an integrative approach that nourishes each aspect of one’s well-being physical, emotional, intellectual, environmental, spiritual and social. From thoughtfully designed central spaces to each carefully curated experience, Candela inspires and elevates daily life, both in Tulum as well as around the world.

  • Yoga Deck
  • Rooftop Meditation Area
  • Common Pool
  • Massage Area
  • Permaculture Garden
  • Meliponary
  • Juice Bar
  • Walking Trail
  • Artisan Refill Boutique
  • Organic Composting Program
  • Airy, Open-Plan Studio Floor Plans
  • Fully Equipped Kitchenettes
  • High-End Kitchen Appliances
  • Bar with Marble Countertops
  • Artisan Carpentry Designer
  • Fixtures Private Sundecks Rooftop
  • Terrace & Jacuzzi
  • Towering Window
  • Walls Onsite Parking
  • Concierge service and 24-hour security
  • Rental management

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